Groundworking Introduction...


Onyx Groundworks & Landscaping offer a wide range of groundwork services from smaller domestic projects to commercial work – all carried out to the highest standards at competitive prices.

Excavations – everything from digging out foundations for a building project, to cutting into a slope and levelling off etc. Excess soil can be redistributed on site or taken away.

Footings – as well as digging the trenches, we pour the cement and add any steel reinforcement that is required, to create the ground-level foundations.

Drainage – as part of creating building foundations – or to help with surface water drainage in other areas on your land.

Driveways – ground levelled, properly prepared and completed from your choice of finishing materials.

Concrete Surfaces – concrete poured, levelled and textured for driveways and paths etc. Ideal for creating slopes and ramps for wheelchair access.

Flagging – any size area covered from a selection of natural or manufactured stone.

Aggregates – we supply ballast and sand etc for use as building materials or gravel and stone chips etc for surfacing driveways and paths.

Soil Delivered and Removed – quality top soil delivered and we can also remove any excess soil and other natural materials from site.

Diggers/Dumpers/Tractors – we have our own plant equipment and are experienced in its use. This means keeping your costs down because we always aim to complete a project as efficiently as possible.



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